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University of Virginia

114 Alderman Library

Charlottesville, VA 22903

Telephone 434/924-8851; fax 434/924-8824

Email belanger@virginia.edu

URL <www.rarebookschool.org>.

Revised 14 April 2004

Prose summary:


Terry Belanger was educated at Haverford College and at Columbia University, where he received his PhD in 18th-century English literature in 1970. His doctoral work was on the l8th-century London book trade, and he has published extensively on this subject.

In 1971, he established the Book Arts Press at Columbia University as a bibliographical laboratory supporting a program for the training of rare book and special collections librarians and antiquarian booksellers. In 1983, he instituted Rare Book School (RBS), a collection of courses of interest to students of the history of the book and related subjects. In 1985, he and the Book Arts Press began a series of videotapes on various aspects of printing history; his widely-distributed Anatomy of a Book: I: Format in the Hand-Press Period (1991) was reissued as a DVD in 2003.

Belanger moved both the Book Arts Press and Rare Book School to the University of Virginia in 1992, where he accepted an appointment as University Professor and Honorary Curator of Special Collections. Each year (during seven weeks in the winter, spring, and summer), Rare Book School attracts about 300 participants who compete for admissions to five-day courses on subjects ranging from the history of bookbinding structures to rare book cataloging.

Belanger's appointment at UVa as University Professor is an interdisciplinary one, without department or fixed duties; during the current academic year he is teaching history courses in the School of Arts and Sciences and in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Belanger was Rosenbach Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania (1986); and he has given the Graham Pollard Lecture of the Bibliographical Society of London (1988), the Hanes Lecture at the University of North Carolina (1991), the Malkin Lecture at Columbia (1991), the Brownell Lecture at the University of Iowa (1994), the Adler Lecture at Skidmore College (1996), the Mayo Lecture at Texas A & M University (2003), and about a hundred other formal presentations on bibliographical and bibliophilic subjects over the past three decades.


       Ph.D., Columbia University, 1970 (English)

Dissertation: “Booksellers' Sales of Copyright, 1718-1768"; sponsor: John H Middendorf

       M.A., Columbia University, 1964 (English)

       B.A., Haverford College, 1963 (English)



       University of Virginia:

University Professor and Honorary Curator of Special Collections, 1992-

       Columbia University School of Library Service:

Associate Professor, 1986-1992

Assistant Dean, l980-86

Assistant Professor, l972-79

              Lecturer, 1971-72


       Member, American Antiquarian Society (elected 1994)

American Printing History Association annual Individual Award: 1994

American Printing History Association annual Institutional Award (to the Book Arts Press and the Columbia University School of Library Service): 1986

Separate Publications:

Dancing by the Book: a Catalogue of Books 1531-1804 in the Collection of Mary Ann O’Brian Malkin. With Mary Ann O’Brian Malkin, Moira Goff, Richard Noble, and Jennifer Thorp. New York City: Privately Printed, 2003.

The Objects of Bibliography: An Exhibition in Alderman Library, University of Virginia, September/October 1992 (exhibition catalog). Preliminary Edition. Charlottesville: Book Arts Press, 1992.

The Anatomy of a Book: I: Format in the Hand-Press Period (30-minute videotape). Author and co-producer.New York: Viking Productions, Inc. 1991. Reformatted and released as a DVD, 2003.

The Anatomy of a Book: I: Format in the Hand-Press Period: Workbook and Facsimiles, Including a Transcript of the Videotape and a Glossary of Terms (with Peter Herdrich). New York: Book Arts Press, 1991. Seventh printing, 2004.

Thanks for the Memories: The Rare Book Program at Columbia University, 1971-1991 (exhibition catalog). New York: Book Arts Press, Columbia University School of Library Service, 1991.

Three Hundred...And Counting: Book Arts Press Lectures, 1972-1990 (exhibition catalog). New York: Book Arts Press, Columbia University School of Library Service, 1990.

How to Operate a Book (30-minute videotape). Co-author (with Gary Frost) and Executive Editor. Book Arts Press Video Productions, Columbia University School of Library Service, 1986.

The Book Arts Press: 1976-1986 (exhibition catalog). New York: Book Arts Press, Columbia University School of Library Service, 1986.

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Lunacy and the Arrangement of Books. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Books, 1983; 2nd printing 1985; 3rd printing, 2003.


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Other Publications (non-bibliographical and non-library related):

Dear Nobody, a play for one character based on the life of Fanny Burney. Produced at the Actors Playhouse, New York City, June-October 1968; revived, Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City, February-May 1974. Many performances since 1974, most recently at the Greer Gradson Theatre, Santa Fé (18 December 1985). Written and directed with Jane Marla Robbins.

The Art of Persuasion: How to Write Effectively about Almost Anything. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1972. With J Steward LaCasce.


Book Arts Press [BAP] Pbns. 1992- Charlottesville: University of Virginia; 1973-92: New York: Columbia University School of Library Service.

Friends of the Book Arts Press Newsletter (irregular), 1976-

Book Arts Press Address Book (irregular), 1989-

Rare Book School Yearbook (annual), 1989-1991, 1993-95, 1998-99


BAP Occasional Publications:


Justin G. Schiller. Pioneering Collectible Children’s Books: The First 100 Years. (The 1993 Malkin Lecture.)


Daniel J. Miller. Books Go to the Rotunda: Reflections of a First-Time Curator.

Daniel J. Leab. It Is Impossible to Sell Animal Stories in America, Mr Orwell: George Orwell and His Publishers: A Book Arts Press Exhibition in the Rotunda of the University of Virginia, Drawn from the Collection of Daniel J. Leab


Christopher de Hamel. Cutting Up Manuscripts for Pleasure and Profit (1995 Malkin Lecture). Several times reprinted.


Anthony Rota. The Changing Face of Antiquarian Bookselling, 1950-2000 (1994 Malkin Lecture). Several times reprinted.


The Objects of Bibliography (exhibition catalog [UVa: Sep-Oct 1992])


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FBAP Valentines [poster].


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Bibliography Newsletter: Editor, 1973-82; Co-Editor, 1983-1988.

Exhibitions Curated in the Rotunda, UVA:

       1998    Separate Pieces: Every Printed Book is Different (with John Buchtel). February-May

       1997    Devil’s Toyshop: The Teaching Resources of the Book Arts Press. July-Sept

       1996    A Doré Gallery: Wood Engravings by Gustave Doré. 16 September - 16 December 1996. The Dome Room of the Rotunda.

       1996    UVa in 1921: The Corks & Curls View. 18 January - 15 April 1996. The Dome Room of the Rotunda.

       1995    Charlottesville: A Book Town. 30 March - 30 June. The Dome Room of the Rotunda and the McGregor Room, Alderman Library, University of Virginia.

Exhibitions Curated elsewhere:

       1993     In Praise of Letterpress. 10-12 September. Mellon Auditorium. First Washington ABAA Book Fair.

       1992    The Objects of Bibliography. September/October. Alderman Library, University of Virginia.

       1991    Thanks for the Memories: The Rare Book Program at Columbia University, 1971-1991. July. Rare Book School, Columbia University; remounted at Alderman Library, University of Virginia, September 1992-September 1993.

       1990    Three Hundred...And Counting: Book Arts Press Lectures, 1972-1990. July. Rare Book School, Columbia University.

       1986    The Friends of the Book Arts Press, 1976-1986. October-December 1986. Butler Library, Columbia University.

       1984    The Taste of 1884 (with Robert Nikirk). Centennial Exhibition, the Grolier Club, New York City.

Lectures & Presentations:

3 April 2004. Final lunch speech, College English Association, 35th Annual Convention, Richmond, VA: “A Book is Something You Can Pick and Hold in Your Hand: Teaching with Stuff.”

17 February 2004. Joint dinner meeting of the Colophon and Roxburghe Clubs, San Francisco. “Another Turn of the Screw: Education for the History of the Book in San Francisco.”

30 January 2004. Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, UVa. “The Difference Between Lightning and a Lightning Bug.”

21 November 2003. Prepared remarks on book collecting for the opening of Café Gutenberg, East Main Street, Richmond, VA.

30 October 2003. Museum of Printing, North Andover, MA. “Printing History is Something You Can Pick Up in Your Hand.”


5 January 2004. Rare Book School Monday night lecture, UVa, Charlottesville.

20 October 2001. Annual Conference of the American Printing History Association: Washington University, St Louis. “Westward the Course of Books Takes Its Way.”


14 October 2003. “English Collectors and American Rare Book Libraries: Westward the Course of Books Takes Its way.” Fourth Annual Mayo Lecture, Texas A&M University.


19 September 2001. Symposium, Virginia Historical Society: Treasures Revealed from the Paul Mellon Library of Americana. “The Future of Collecting Americana.”

23 May 1999. Memorial service for Robert Dougan, Samarkand, Santa Barbara, CA. “Robert Dougan.”

20 May 1999. Dinner meeting, Pittsburgh Bibliophiles. “Boy Scouts and Pragmatists: The There-ness of Rare Books.”

17 April 1999. Symposium at the Dedication of Rauner Special Collections Library, Dartmouth College. “The Undergraduate Book” (keynote address).

25 February 1999. Book Arts 2000 and Beyond: the Fifth Council of Book Arts Programs Conference, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. “Where We’ve Been, or Another Turn of the Screw”: An Informal Dialogue with Terry Belanger and Claire Van Vliet, hosted by Steve Miller.

16 July 1998. Rare Book School 1998 Summer Session, Charlottesville. “State of the Bibliographical Nation.” Dome Room, Rotunda.


Similarly: 23, 30 July, 6 August


20 June 1998. American Theological Library Association annual conference, Leesburg, VA: “Education for Rare Books: Rare Book School and Other Cottage Industries.”

7 January 1998. Rare Book School 1998 Winter Session, Charlottesville. “The Book Arts Press at 25¾.”


Similarly: 12 March 1998; ibid.


17 July 1997. Rare Book School 1997, Charlottesville. “Seventeen Come Sunday: The Book Arts Press, 1972- “


Similarly: 24 July, 31 July, and 7 August 1997; ibid.


14 May 1997. Utah Library Association annual conference, Ogden, UT. All-day workshop on print process identification.

19 April 1996. Grolier Club, New York City [Friends of Laura Young]. “Devil’ s Toyshops: Book Arts and the History of the Book.”



29 March 1998, as “The Future of the Book in an Age When Your Toaster Talks to You: Codex Books in an Electronic Age.” 1998 Julian Mason Lecture, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


6 October 1996. McGuffey Arts of the Book Center, Charlottesville. “Still More Books for Charlottesville.”

18 July 1996. Rare Book School 1996, Charlottesville. “The Bibliographical State of the Nation: 1996.”


Similarly: 25 July, 1 August, and 8 August 1996; ibid.


8 February 1996. Skidmore College. “Time and Money: The Search for Speed | The Search for Cheapness in the Production of c19 English and American Illustrated Books.” The Sixth Annual Hannah M. Adler Lecture.

8 November 1995. Baltimore Bibliophiles. Evergreen House, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore: “What the Book Arts Press Collects and Why It Collects It”

20 September 1995. The Nutheads, Charlottesville, VA. “Teaching Book Collecting”

13 July 1995. Rare Book School 1995, Charlottesville. “The Bibliographical State of the Nation: 1995.”


Similarly: 20 July, 27 July, 3 August, and 10 August 1995; ibid.


17 May 1995. Washington DC Rare Book Group (WASHRAG), Ft McNair Officer's Club: “`The Only Administrative Post Worth Having Is That of Absolute King:' Running Rare Book School”

8 October 1994. American Printing History Association Annual Conference, Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City. “Twenty Years After” [keynote address]; published in Printing History in 1996 (see above).

27 September 1994. Iowa Center for the Book, Iowa City IA. “Rare Book School, the Book Arts Press, and Their Cottage Industries” [second annual Brownell Lecture].

14 July 1994. Rare Book School 1994, Charlottesville. “The Bibliographical State of the Nation: 1994.”


Similarly: 21 July, 28 July, 4 August, and 11 August 1994; ibid.


26 June 1994. American Library Association Annual Conference, Miami. Rare Books & MSS Section program: “Education for Rare Book Librarianship” [program summary].

12 April 1994. Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 31st Annual Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing: Literary Texts in an Electronic Age. “The Materiality of the Book: Another Turn of the Screw” [conference summary].

10 March 1994. Louisa County Branch Library, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, Charlottesville, VA. “Books at Virginia.”



19 November 1997, as “Mr Jefferson Would Be Pleased (Maybe): Books Go to the Rotunda.” Westminster-Canterbury of the Blude Ridge, Charlottesville.

1 April 1997, as “Books Go to the Rotunda: No Fooling.” The Colonnades [retirement community], Charlottesville.

9 January 1995. Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge, Charlottesville.

27 April 1994. Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge, Charlottesville.


29 January 1994. American Printing History Association Annual Meeting, New York City. “But What Has He Done For Us Lately?” [acceptance speech on receiving the 1994 APHA Individual Award].

2 December 1993. Graduate English Students Association, University of Virginia. “The Newest Historicism: The History of the Book as a Field of Study.”

26 November 1992. Herzog August Bibliotheck, Wolfenbüttel. International invitational conference sponsored by the Forschungsgemeinschaft on recent research in the history of the book: US representative. “Research in the History of the Book and Related Areas in the United States, 1972-1992.”

25 September 1992. Book Arts Press, University of Virginia. Conference: Bibliography at Virginia, Past and Future. “The Scope of Bibliography.”

12 September 1992. Houghton Library, Harvard University. Symposium: Rare Book and Manuscript Libraries in the Twenty-First Century. Participant (with Nicolas Barker, Werner Gundersheimer, and Thomas F. Staley) in “Four Perspectives” (roundtable discussion).

28 April 1992. Vassar College. “The Idea of The Library.” Julia Blodgett Curtis Lecture.

16 December 1991. School of Library Service, Columbia University. “The Future of Rare Book Libraries.” The 1991 Sol. M. Malkin Lecture in Bibliography.


                      9     October 1993: Chesapeake Chapter, Music Library Association fall meeting, UVa (as “Rare Books and Music (to the Tune of `Moonlight and Roses').”

                      7     November 1992. Midwestern Modern Language Association Annual Conference, St Louis.


6 November 1991. Perkins Library, Duke University. “Extraordinary Patience: The Book Arts Press, 1971-1991- .”

5 November 1991. Wilson Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. “Education for Rare Books as Physical Objects.” The 1991 Hanes Lecture.



17 February 1993: Associates of the Stanford University Libraries (as “Rare Book Librarians: Where Do They Come From? Who Are They? What's To Become of Them?”)

12 November 1991: 47th George Parker Winship Irregular Lecture in Bibliography, Houghton Library, Harvard University)


24 March 1991. Iowa Center for the Book, Iowa City, Iowa, Symposium: From Rittenhouse to Twinrocker: Key Events in American Papermaking History. “Format and Collation and Curators: Papermaking History in the Library.”



24 November 1996: Friends of the Boatwright Library, University of Richmond (as “The Future of the Book [If Any])”

13 May 1995: Wells College, Aurora, NY: Bookbinding and the Book Arts conference (as “The Future of the Book [If Any]”)

20 October 1994: Friends of the Library, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA (as “The Future of the Book [If Any]”)

5 May 1992: Dieu Donné Papermill Lecture, Small Press Center, New York City (as “The Future of the Book Arts: Reflections From the Periphery”)

26 September 1991: “Whither The Book” Conference, Madison, WI (as “The Future of the Book [If Any]”)

29 April 1991: Friends of the Book Arts Press, Columbia University School of Library Service


14 February 1991. Colophon Club, San Francisco. “Meditations by the Captain of the Iceberg.”

19 November 1990. Graduate School of Library & Information Science, UCLA. “Education in the United States for Bibliographers since 1945.”

3 November 1990. Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Founding of the Special Collections Dept, Homer Babbidge Library, University of Connecticut, Storrs. “The Care and Feeding of Rare Books and Special Collections and Their Keepers.”

9 June 1990. Baxter Society, Portland, Maine. First Annual Baxter Society Lecture: “When Is a Book Rare? (And If It Is, So What?)”

19 April 1990. Rare Law Book Symposium, Underwood Law Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas: “Rare Books in Law Libraries.”

13 February 1990, Mills College, Oakland, CA. Inaugural Lecture, Mills College Center for the Book: “Rare Books and Special Collections: A Mighty Maze But Not without a Plan.”

5 July, and 10, 17, and 25 July 1989. Columbia University School of Library Service: Rare Book School. “Ourselves Observed: Education for Rare Books (With Bells and Whistles): [I, II, III, and IV].” Four lectures.

7 April 1989. Society for Textual Scholarship, Fifth Biennial Conference, New York City. “History of the Book in Britain: a Panel Discussion of a Project in Progress.” Moderator.

11 February 1989. The Colophon Club, San Francisco. “Lunacy and Books in Pictures.”



9 November 1993 (Friends of the Richmond Public Library, Richmond, VA)

9 November 1990 (University of Virginia Library Associates, Charlottesville)

20 March 1990 (Friends of the Fisher Library, University of Toronto)

9 November 1989 (Friends of the Middlebury College Library, Middlebury, VT)


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20 February 1989 (Friends of the University of Texas Libraries, Austin)

25 April 1988 (Friends of the Book Arts Press, Columbia University School of Library Service)


3 December 1986. The Mercantile Library Association of St Louis. “Which Side of the Mississippi is St Louis On? The Mercantile Library in the 19th and 21st Centuries.”

18 March, and 20, 24, and 26 March 1986. A. S. W. Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography, University of Pennsylvania. “Rare Books and Special Collections in American Libraries Since 1876.”


Similarly: (variants of Rosenbach Lecture no. 4):

12 May 1986 (Annual Conference, Association of College & Research Libraries, New England Chapter, Portland, ME, as “The Book: Past and Future”)

14 April 1986 (Friends of the Book Arts Press, Columbia University School of Library Service, New York City, as “Reasons For and Against Rare Books”).


25 January 1986. American Printing History Association Annual Meeting, New York City. “Rare Books and the Book Arts at the Book Arts Press of the Columbia University School of Library Service” [acceptance speech on receiving the 1986 APHA Institutional Award for the Book Arts Press].

19 October 1985. University of Chicago. Graduate Library School. Chicago Conference on the Book in 19th-Century America. “Institutional Book Collecting in the Old Northwest, 1876-1900.”

7 October 1985. Cornell University. Upstate Regional Conservation Group Conference on Collection Security in Academic and Research Libraries and Collections. “Security in Special Collections.”

5 May 1985. New Jersey Antiquarian Booksellers Association, Westwood, NJ. “How To Sell Books to Rare Book Libraries---And How Not To.”

31 May 1984. Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Conference, Washington, DC: “150 Years of Bankruptcy: The History of Scholarly Publishing in America.”

5 April 1984. Transylvania University, Lexington, KY: “Faster and Cheaper (Usually): Book Illustration, 1770-1870.”

15 November 1983. The Grolier Club, New York: “How to Collect Books: The View from 1884.”

15 June 1983. Book Club of California, San Francisco: “Lunacy and Pictures in Books: An Extra-Illustrated Lecture.”



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29 April 1980, University of Illinois, Chicago: “Special Collections in Academic Libraries.”

15 April 1980, Philadelphia Philobiblon: “Lunacy and the Arrangement of Books.”



20 April 1983 (Lilly Library, Indiana University)

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2 March 1976, New York Chapter, American Printing History Association: “The Pleasures of Collecting: Printing and Types.” Speaker and moderator.

Media Accounts of TB, the Book Arts Press, Rare Book School, &c.

January 2004. Newsletter of the Charlottesville Stamp Club. “Visit to the Rare Book School,” pp 2-3.

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