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G-70. Advanced Seminar in Critical Bibliography

Michael F. Suarez, S.J.

N.B. In 2014–2017, enrollment for this course will be limited to RBS-Mellon Fellows in their second or third year of the fellowship program.

A bibliographer's reach should seldom, if ever, exceed his (her) grasp, as there can be no substitute for the careful and knowing inspection, the haptic apprehension, of textual artifacts. Yet, it is also the case that the intellectual reach of bibliography extends far beyond its traditional work in service of textual criticism, however necessary and important that labor is.

The following course, which is designed as a workshop for fellows participating in the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in Critical Bibliography, is organized along the following topics of intellectual inquiry:

- bibliography and related object-oriented disciplines (e.g., anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, museum studies);
- approaches to bibliographical explication;
- cultural practices (e.g., collecting) and production histories relating to material texts;
- texts in transition (e.g., editing histories, reception histories); and
- bibliographical pedagogy and remedying intellectual resistance to bibliography in the academy.

Participants will be asked to prepare 20-minute presentations based on their own current research projects that speak to one of the above topics, and to act as formal respondents for each others' presentations. Participants will also circulate a published scholarly article in advance (by 17 April for the June offering of the course; by 1 May for the July offering of the course) that will inform their presentation and constitute part of the course's reading list. The course will include a daily lab and lecture.

Applicants to this course should submit a personal statement that contains a proposal for their presentation for the course. To guide that proposal, one or more of the following issues should be addressed:

Students should plan to bring a laptop to most course sessions.

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Michael F. Suarez teaches this course for the first time.