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L-10. Special Collections Librarianship

Michael Inman

This course introduces students to the field of special collections librarianship. The goal is to provide students with an understanding of the concepts, roles, and organizational development of special collections; current issues, standards, and best practices; and the knowledge and skills needed by special collections professionals. Students will participate in classroom discussions, hear from special collections practitioners, engage in hands-on exercises, and learn about the evolving roles of—and challenges facing—special collections professionals. Topics to be covered include collection development, preservation/conservation, access and reading room procedures, collection security, donor relations and development, digitization, exhibitions, outreach and instruction, public relations, and reference, among others.

The course is designed for new/early-career professionals as well as for those with an interest in special collections librarianship, who have not yet undertaken formal coursework. In their personal statements, applicants should describe any relevant training, education, and experience, noting how the course fits into their current responsibilities and career goals.

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Course History


Michael Inman teaches this course for the first time.


This course is renamed "Special Collections Librarianship."


Susan M. Allen teaches this course in 2009.


Alice Schreyer teaches this course for the first time.


Daniel Traister teaches this course annually in this period.