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L-35. Advanced Rare Book Cataloging Workshop

Deborah J. Leslie

NB: 2014 updates to this course description are coming soon!

This course is intended for library catalogers who have mastered the basics of cataloging rare printed monographs according to Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Books), or its predecessor Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books, and wish to solidify their expertise and receive specialized guidance in applying them. It is particularly suitable for those who have successfully completed Rare Book Cataloging (L-30).

The bulk of class time will be spent on full-level DCRM(B) cataloging of uncataloged rare books, using OCLC's Connexion client, with plenty of opportunity for questions, discussions, and correction. A portion of each day will be devoted to consideration of special topics that arise in the  course of cataloging. Although there are plenty of clear-cut, right-and-wrong ways to do things, much of the delight and challenge of cataloging derives from choosing the best way when the situation is ambiguous, anomalous, or just plain confusing. To that end, students should expect to participate in a collaborative environment.

In their personal statements, applicants should describe their experience in DCRM(B) or DCRB cataloging and submit 1–3 sample bibliographical records. Applicants are also invited to discuss the types of materials they would like to concentrate on, which the instructor will make every attempt to accommodate.  

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Deborah J. Leslie teaches this course for the first time as "Advanced Rare Book Cataloging."