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Rare Book School
Preliminary Reading List

B-50. Advanced Seminar in the History of Bookbinding

Jan Storm van Leeuwen

Preliminary Advices

Please read—or at least look carefully at—as many as possible of the following books before coming to Charlottesville.


  1. Foot, Mirjam J. "Bookbinding Research, Pitfalls, Possibilities and Needs", in Eloquent witnesses: bookbindings and their history […]. (Ed. Mirjam M. Foot). London, New Castle: 2004, pp. 13-29.
  2. Foot, Mirjam J. "Bookbinding and the History of Books", in Studies in the history of bookbinding. Aldershot, Brookfield: 1993, pp. 2-14.
  3. Foot, Mirjam J. "Bookbinding patronage in England", in Studies in the history of bookbinding. Aldershot: 1993. pp. 300-323.
  4. Goldschmidt, E. Ph. Gothic & Renaissance bookbindings, exemplified and illustrated from the author's collection. 2 vols. London: 1928 (repr. Nieuwkoop, 1967). pp. 116-126.
  5. Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. Dutch decorated bookbinding in the eighteenth century. Houten, 2006. Vol. I, chapter 1, pp. 1-138. Vol. III, pp. 629-635, 813-825.


  1. Roberts, Matt T. [and] Don Etherington. Bookbinding and the conservation of books: a dictionary of descriptive terminology. Washington: 1982. See also http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/don/toc/toc1.html
  2. Binding terms: a thesaurus for use in rare book and special collections cataloguing. Prepared by the Committee of the Rare Book and Manuscript Section. Chicago: 1988. See also http://www.rbms.info/committees/bibliographic_standards/controlled_vocabularies/index.shtml

Examples of description

  1. Bearman, Frederick A., Nati Krivatsy, J. Franklin Mowery. Fine and historic bookbindings from the Folger Shakespeare Library. Washington: 1992.
  2. Foot, Mirjam J. The Henry Davis gift: a collection of bookbindings. Vol II, III. London: 1983-2010.
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  4. Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. Dutch decorated bookbinding in the eighteenth century. ‘t Goy-Houten: 2006. 3 vols. in 4 bindings. Vol III.
  5. Tidcombe, Marianne. The bookbindings of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson, a study of his work 1884-1893 ... London: 1984.

Some subjects

  1. Bookbindings from the library of Jean Grolier; a loan exhibition, 23 sept. – 31 oct. 1965. {By Howard M. Nixon]. London: 1965.
  2. Hobson, Anthony. Humanists and bookbinders: the origins and diffusion of the humanistic bookbinding 1459-1559… Cambridge, New York, etc: 1989.
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  8. Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. Dutch decorated bookbinding in the eighteenth century. ‘t Goy-Houten: 2006. 3 vols. in 4 bindings. Vol I, pp.  30-31.

Publishers' bindings

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  9. Storm van Leeuwen, Jan. "Some observations on Dutch publisher’s bindings up till 1800",
    In Bookbinding & other bibliophily; essays in honour of Anthony Hobson. (Ed. Dennis Rhodes). Verona: 1994. pp. 287-319.