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Rare Book School
Preliminary Reading List

L-65. Digitizing the Historical Record

Bethany Nowviskie & Andrew Stauffer

Preliminary Advices


A full PDF packet of course readings and project storyboarding materials will be provided to admitted students ahead of the course, and they will receive a printed workbook of storyboard templates on arrival. The instructors will also provide colored pencils or crayons for storyboarding, but students may wish to bring their favorite art supplies!

Required Readings

  1. Scholarly Communication Institute 9 Report (2011): "New-Model Scholarly Communication: Road Map for Change". University of Virginia. http://www.uvasci.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/SCI9-report.pdf
  2. McGann, Jerome. "On Creating a Usable Future." Profession 2011, pp. 182-95. http://www.mlajournals.org/toc/prof/2011/1
  3. Dempsey, Lorcan. "The Emergence of the Collective Collection: Analyzing Aggregate Print Library Holdings." Introduction to Understanding the Collective Collection: Towards a System-wide Perspective on Library Print Collections, OCLC 2014. http://oclc.org/research/publications/library/2013/2013-09r.html
  4. Smith, Abby, "The Research Library in the 21st Century: Collecting, Preserving, and Making Accessible Resources for Scholarship." in No Brief Candle: Reconceiving Research Libraries for the 21st Century. 2008. http://www.clir.org/pubs/reports/pub142/smith.html
  5. Mathews, Brian. "Think Like A Startup: a white paper to inspire library entrepreneurialism." Virginia Tech, 2012. http://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/handle/10919/18649
  6. McDonough, Jerome. "XML, Interoperability and the Social Construction of Markup Languages: The Library Example." Digital Humanities Quarterly 3:3 (Summer 2009). http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/3/3/000064/000064.html
  7. Sherratt, Tim. "A Map and Some Pins: open data and unlimited horizons." 2013. http://discontents.com.au/a-map-and-some-pins-open-data-and-unlimited-horizons/ (and see data-enabled version, here: http://wraggelabs.com/shed/presentations/digisam/#/text)
  8. Agresta, Michael. "What Will Become of the Library?" Slate, April 2014. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/design/2014/04/the_future_of_the_library_how_they_ll_evolve_for_the_digital_age.html
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