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DSF Scholarship Awardees for 2013

17 December 2013
The great generosity of our benefactors has enabled Rare Book School to award scholarships to a bumper crop of new students of the history of books and printing. There were an enormous number of applications and the judges found their task incredibly difficult. Many highly qualified applicants did not receive aid. Those who did should be justifiably pleased and proud. In general, the RBS Scholarship Committee preferred applicants who are at the beginning of their professional careers and those who had not previously attended RBS.

See the RBS Scholarships and Fellowships page for a description of the school’s scholarship program.

2013 Awardees

Concetta Barbera
Sonia Hazard
Alexandra Bicknell
Erika Jenns
Benjamin Breen
Laura Kremmel
Alex Brooks
Nina Mamikunian
Julie Carlsen
Cara Schlesinger
Heather Furnas
Kim Schwenk
Susan Gualtier
Brynn White
Emily Hagens
Shannon Wilsey